Ongoing Support
When the work is done, I don’t vanish
Continual Updates

Your Business Evolves

As your business continues to evolve so must your website so your digital marketing strategy and your business goals are aligned. I provide ongoing updates to your website when you need them made. I do not lock you into a contract for a defined time at a certain price, but rather I charge an hourly rate. This way you are only paying for the work that is needed by your business.

I can make content updates so you’re communicating clearly with users about your business about the services. I can also make other updates to design elements, images, and provided additional functionality as needed. I make these updates you need them at a reasonable hourly rate.

Ongoing Services

Health Check For Your Site

Websites are not carved in stone and but rather like a your car, they need continual maintenance. There are new versions of WordPress, the theme used to design your site along with plug-ins for certain functionality. It is important for the continual performance of your site and to maintain security to have your website elements updated to the current versions. When updates are made sometimes design elements get skewed and may look wrong. I provide a monthly health check where I ensure your site is up-to-date and no design impacts have been made to your website.

Once again I do not lock you into an on-going contract for a fixed time but rather I charged based on the hourly rates. I charge you only for the time it takes to make the updates.


Updates & Optimization

I keep your site updated, maintained, and optimized to ensure your site is running at its best

Protection & Security

Using latest technology to continualy scan your site to mitigate hackers and spam

Backup & Restore

Ensure your site is backed up daily and if something does go array backed up to specific point in time

Analytics Report

To understand the performance of your marketing efforts monthly reports will be provided
Google Analytics Reporting

Digital Marketing Reports

The heart of any business is establishing metric and having the reporting to see the data to help assess if those metrics are being met. When it comes to digital marketing and website performance, an industry standard is using Google Analytics to collect data and provide reports. But instead of learning how to use Google Analytics, running reports, and slicing data, I provide a monthly service where I do it all for you. I will setup Google Analytics and run relevant reports to show you the performance of your digital marketing strategy.

Again, I do not ask for you to sign a contract but will charge you an hourly rate for the time it takes to prepare your reports each month.

Justin Countryman, MBA
Digital Marketer & Owner
How My Experience Can Help You
I have been working in the digital marketing space for years. I have created websites for many small businesses and non-profits which are optimized for performance. I currently work full-time for one of the largest digital marketing businesses in the country and can use my knowledge to help your business. I also have an MBA, so I am able to use my business knowledge combined with my digital marketing expertise to help your business thrive.