Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I provide full service SEO for both on-site and off-site elements


What is SEO?

A key ingredient to a digital marketing strategy is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because it increases the chances of your website to rank higher on the search engine results pages. When a potential customer is doing an internet search for a product or service, they will usually only click on sites on the first results page. By investing in Search Engine Optimizing your site has a better chance of appearing on page one, which will direct more customers to your company.

Are the Lights On in Your Digital Showroom?

If your website is not optimized, then your company doesn’t have the lights on in your digital showroom. At Image Digital Marketing I only use white hat tactics to optimize websites, because I believe in investing in long term site performance and not short cuts that can harm your site. By applying the best practices of SEO to your website can greatly improve your sites performance resulting in driving traffic to your site and having them potentially convert into leads.

Keyword Research

The key to any comprehensive SEO strategy is understanding your business services and the keywords related to those services. It is important to align your site’s keyword targeting with what users are searching for related to your business offerings.


Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

Once you have well-researched keywords they need to be used in title tags and meta-descriptions to help ensure the search engines know what your pages and site is about. Creating conversion oriented title tags and meta-descriptions helps improve your click-through-rate from the search results to your site.


On-Site Quality Factors

There many quality factors the search engines want to see and elements that can harm your site. Examples would be quality content, URL structures, internal linking and many more. I use the latest best practices when creating a site or auditing your current site.

Local SEO

How is a Local Business Found?

There are many ways people search for local businesses to find a solution for their problem. Most people with do a Google search which will bring up results for websites and local businesses. The local business show up because they have done the necessary steps to be recognized by Google and others as a local business. Customers also use other means of finding local businesses such as Yelp, Facebook, and many other local directories. If you are a local business and are not optimized for local search, you are potentially leaving a lot of business on the table.

How to Optimize for Local Search?

Local SEO is a combination of setting up your website with Local best practices, ensuring your site is optimized for the search engines, along with claiming a Google business page, setting up a Facebook business page and building local citations to cement your brand online.
One important part of Local SEO is having a Google business page setup with the best practices. By having your business properly claimed with Google ensures Google knows who you are as a business and the important information needed to display your company in search results. If the setup of your Google business page is not done correctly, there could be negative impacts to your site’s performance.

Google Business Page & Google Maps

The heart of local search is having claimed and verified Google My Business Page. I work with businesses to ensure their Google page for is claimed and optimized to best practices to ensure they are on Google Maps.

Local Directories

In addition to Google My Business page there are many other very important local directories that need to be setup and optimized. When done correctly it improves your online prominence and can increase your online performance. I will help setup and optimize these directories to help build up your digital marketing strategy.


Consistent NAP

One very important part of optimizing for local SEO which impacts your site’s performance is ensuring correct Name, Address and Phone (NAP). Your business NAP needs to correct on all your local directories and on your website. I make sure this is complete when optimizing your online presence.

SEO Audit

Why Does My Site Need A SEO Audit?

SEO best practices change all the time. As Google and the other search engines continually refine and define what they consider are best practices your site needs to be audited. It is important to ensure your site is being updated to align with the industry best practices so you are more likely to have improved performance with your digital marketing efforts. When your site starts to fall behind your competition maybe passing you up. 

My Approach to SEO Audits

When I complete an SEO audit I ensure it is comprehensive so that I am reviewing all aspects of your website along with your off-site elements that can impact your performance. I review your local presence along with your social media outreach. I also do not simply give you a checklist of SEO items and tell you if your digital marketing meets the grade. I provide thorough explanation of what I am checking, why I am checking it and provide you with an honest assessment. I then provide you with detailed recommendations that you can use to improve these items so you can maximize your digital marketing investments. 

I can either help implement the recommendations if needed or you can take them to your current web developer. I want to provide you with a thorough audits with detail explanations and recommendation to help your business thrive. 

Justin Countryman, MBA
Digital Marketer & Owner

How My Experience Can Help You

I have been working in the digital marketing space for years. I have created websites for many small businesses and non-profits which are optimized for performance. I currently work full-time for one of the largest digital marketing businesses in the country and can use my knowledge to help your business. I also have an MBA, so I am able to use my business knowledge combined with my digital marketing expertise to help your business thrive.